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We have extensive experience in video and audio analysis, crime scene investigation and examination, verification of authenticity of tapes and digital media, CCTV (closed circuit television) recordings, digital images, photographic and other evidence. Our expertise and reporting has been used to assist with the investigation and legal proceedings in a variety of cases including:

Criminal Cases: murder, assault and battery, hooliganism, robbery, burglary, etc...


Civil cases in the areas of: damage and personal injury, medical negligence, fraud, deception, commercial, construction, property, accidents, labor law, family law, insurance and more...









Provides expertise in a range of forensic media:

Audio expert ● Video expert ● Image expert ● Crime scene investigation ● Forensic Video  ● Forensic Audio ● Video and Audio forensics ● Digital imaging forensic analysis ● Image analysis ● Video analysis ● Audio analysis ● Audio and video recordings ● Imaging forensic  investigation ● Validation of evidence ●Imaging techniques ● Deciphering of security camera images ● CCTV camera ●Recording authenticity validation ● Video authenticity ●Video authenticity validation ●Audio authenticity ●Sound authenticity validation ● Speaker recognition ●Voice ID ● Examination of evidence ● Examination of records ● Finding editing or mixing ● Scene records verification ● Analysis of vehicular accidents ● Improving video quality ● Improving audio quality ● Forensic photography ● Expert opinion


Our leading values:
impeccable moral and ethical standards ● professionalism ● reliability ● discretion ● total confidentiality ● priority in urgent cases ● loyalty ● full transparency to clients ● fairness ● use of creativity in proving evidence ●


Clients include:
lawyers in Israel and abroad ● public defense attorneys ● investigation agencies ● Israel Police ● organizations ● private individuals ● transcription agencies ●



AVIDENCE services are available in Israel and overseas



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