Over the years, we have handled a many different types of cases, including:

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● Video Expert ● Still photos Expert ● Image Expert ● Sound Expert ● Audio Expert ● Crime Scene Expert using security cameras / CCTV ● Expert interpretation of security camera images ● Expert deciphering of CCTV video ● Expert enhancement of video images ● Expert in noise filtering techniques ● Expert in enhancement of audio quality ● Photography expert for reenactment of crime scenes ● Expert in conversions of files of different formats ● Expert in the establishment of security recordings, photography systems and open and undercover surveillance.


Crime scenes:

Murder, serious injury, perverting the course of investigations and justice, theft, blackmail, deception and fraud.
A variety of different activities for crime scene investigation, using A\V recordings, improving the quality and subsequent analysis of video and sound.  These techniques have helped us to move investigations and judicial proceedings forward.
In some cases, expert opinions were provided, throwing new light on the analysis of existing findings.

Vehicular accidents:

Analysis of vehicular accidents based on CCTV or other recordings, starting from a survey of the event, understanding of the accident, establishing point of impact, and including reconstruction of the accident.  Various activities involving deciphering the events at the scene, improvement of quality and analysis of video and/or photographic material have brought about proof of the point of impact at he time of the collision, analysis of vehicle or pedestrian speed or road hazards such as oil slicks, black ice, and so forth.  All of the above advance the investigation and legal processes in the pursuit of the truth.

Medical malpractice, sabotage and accidental injury:

Medical malpractice cases, medical bureaucracy and denial of patient rights. Sabotage and accidental injury.
A variety of activities using professional photography to prove damages, enhancement of quality of existing photos, A\V recordings and recordings of conversations which contributed to clarification of findings in legal proceedings.

Labor Law:

Employer-employee relations, discrimination in the workplace, abuse of status and power, sexual harassment, firings in exceptional circumstances etc.
Activities to enhance the quality of video and sound recordings contributed to the advancement of legal proceedings.
Expert opinion relating to authenticity of recordings brought about the disqualification of contrived evidence in court.


Family Law:

Cheating, divorce cases, wills and inheritances
Enhancement of quality and noise reduction of undercover recordings for surveillance carried out by investigators under difficult conditions, resulted in the speeding up of judicial proceedings at the proof submission stage.
In some instances we provided consultancy and training services in creative surveillance processes, use of advanced equipment and simulated questioning, while in others, an expert opinion was submitted to the court relating to the legality and authenticity of the tape recordings.


Business and Commercial:

Cases involving deception and fraud, cheating & breach of copyright.
A variety of activities to improve the quality of video and sound, improvement of tape quality, noise filtering, identification of speakers' voices, leading to decryption of findings and advancement of investigation and legal processes.
In some instances we provided consultancy services and creative solutions for moving investigations forward, while in others, an expert opinion was submitted to the court relating to the legality and authenticity of the tapes.


Building projects and shortcomings:

Improvement of quality of recordings and surveillance images, captures of still pictures from video frames, and professional filming services to prove damages, led to the advancement of investigations and speeding up of the judicial process.
In some instances opinions were also offered on the authenticity of the recordings and still photos.


Insurance Cases:

Improvement of quality of surveillance material of insurance investigators in a variety of cases.
Expert opinion regarding authenticity of video recordings and recorded conversations between the parties.
Professional photography services to prove damages.
Expert opinions relating to the nature of the damage established recognition of the true extent of the damage and appropriate compensation. 

Internet and digital data:

A variety of activities involving analysis and deciphering of digital data as found in various files or on the Internet, has more than once been used to disclose findings that are pivotal in he investigation and legal processes.  In many instances, professional opinions are submitted which shed light on the behavior of the parties and bring to satisfactory conclusion the investigations in pursuit of the truth about what really happened.  Historical records collected over time are often used to track and convict serial offenders.

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