Doron Baldinger - Media Forensics Expert

Expert Doron Baldinger gives an interviews for CH2 and CH1 about 2 criminal cases:

Murder of Rabbi Moshe Talbi

Murder of youngster Tair Rada (f) Zadorov Case

Prove your innocence using Media Forensics

Trying to prove innocence? Need to check evidence? In the reality of pictures and recordings, there is a solution.

Evidence and Criminal Law

The icons clip from the recorded evidence and criminal law expert, Doron Baldinger, proves how easy it is for a reasonable individual from the neighbourhood to find himself caught up and found guilty of criminal activity by the legal system in use today in our parts and the importance of presenting the recorded evidence as a significant tool in proving the factual truth.

DRAMA - Zadorov was convicted by Israeli Police expert   

There is NO match between the footprints of Roman Zadorov and the prints found on the trousers of the murder victim, Ta'ir Rada, But this is the only option to support the admission of innocent person, so in this case the Israeli Police will bring to court an expert report in order to win the case and get a conviction.

Breaking news - Rada-Zadorov case   

Six years after the murder of the 13 year old girl, and two years after Roman Zadorov was
convicted, Guy Peleg, our legal correspondent has new and
dramatic findings that shed new light on the case. (CH2 14.11.2012)

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