Doron Baldinger - B.Tech , LL.B 

  • Bachelor of Law (specializing in criminal law)
    The Academic Center of Law and Science - Sha’arei Mishpat - Faculty of Law  (2014).
  • Bachelor of Technology - Electronics Engineer (specializing in communications)
    Ariel University - Faculty of Engineering (2000).
  • Graduate of the Israel Institute for Expert Opinions and Arbitrators 
    in expert witness certification and arbitrator certification (2009)
  • Private investigation track at the National Unit for Investigations & Security (2009) (Israel)


Professional experience:

A) Owner / manager of T.V.Clip studio since 1998, dealing with video & audio productions. 

B) Forensic Video / Audio / Image analysis, since 2000.

C) Extended experience in many criminal cases, crime scenes and forensic evidence, including providing
     expert opinions and serving as an expert witness in the Israeli criminal court system, since 2007.

D) T.V.Clip studio offers specialized services for investigations and legal matters. We use sophisticated, state-of-the-art equipment and have unique and extensive experience in the field.

E) Work with, lawyers, investigators, Office of the Public Defender (Israel) and the Israel Police, individuals, businesses and organizations.



Audio recording authenticity validation (1/1000 second resolution)
Background noise removal / sound enhancement

Mini & micro cassette (analog media) transfers to any audio format

Audio conversions to Audio-CD or any other format

Expert opinion testimony in court


Video analysis and forensic evidence investigation
Crime Scene Investigation by CCTV cameras 
Video recording authenticity examination 
Video image clarification and restoration
Frame capture from video (1/25 second (PAL) 1/30 second (NTSC))
Video conversion to DVD or any other format
Expert opinion testimony in court


Image analysis and forensic evidence investigation
Crime Scene Investigation using pictures from mobile phones, digital cameras etc.
Image authenticity examination 
Image enhancement and restoration and pixel enlargement
Image conversion to any format
Expert opinion testimony in court

Doron Baldinger (B.Tech, LL.B). 
Expert Witness for Audio / Video Forensics & Criminal Law

Avidence - Media Forensics
Avidence - Hebrew