Inspection of crime scenes from records.

Inspection of findings and records taken by police crime scene investigators, or found in evidential material submitted to the court and comparing it to other findings such as shoe/tire prints, suspect identification etc.
Analyses of crime scene findings are used for investigation processes and/or to support or refute the parties' testimonies.

Video and image analysis.

Video and image analysis is performed on material collected at the scene of the crime or which is found in the material evidence with the purpose of:
A) Scene event analysis, identification of suspects, and testing of findings that assist in the investigation process.
B) Video evidence examination and comparisons with witness testimonies.
C) Examination of the way in which investigations and scene reconstructions, collection of testimonies, and the process of recording confessions in complex criminal cases, are handled.

Authenticity testing of audio and video recordings.


Testing of video records (frame by frame) and audio records (at 1/1000 sec. accuracy) in order to see if records have been tampered with, after they were made, by editing or mixing.  All findings and conclusions relating to the authenticity of recordings, are submitted to the court in a detailed report.

Decryption of accidents from recordings and production of reconstruction films

Decryption and analysis of photographs and recordings from accident scenes (vehicular, work accidents, random injuries, fires) based on the findings recorded by the Police forensics team or as found in the evidence placed before the court (CCTV security cameras, photographs and audio and/or video recordings).  

This analysis helps us to understand what happened and serves to assist in the advancing of the processes of both the investigation and court processes. It is also possible to produce a documentary film profile to assist in replicating the scenario.

Expert opinion.

Expert opinion is submitted to the court in writing as an orderly and detailed document to be used as evidence.
The expert states that his written opinion is equivalent to a testimony given on the witness stand.
The opposing party in the trial may ask to question the expert in cross examination.

Video - file conversion and quality improvement.

Performance of quality enhancement for video recordings received from various sources (luminosity, sharpness and color) using special state-of-the-art studio equipment. Conversions of analog and digital video into various formats with absolute fidelity to the source while leaving the source intact.

Still image capture from video at the frames level with 1/25 second accuracy.

Audio - file conversion, quality improvement and noise reduction.

Conversions of analog and digital formats into sound files in various formats for the purpose of transcription and/or submission as court evidence. Quality improvements and noise reduction for recordings made under difficult conditions using both advanced studio equipment and state-of-the-art computer tools, while retaining the authenticity of the source material.

Professional photography services for proving damages claims in civil cases and production of scene reconstruction film.


Professional photography for proving damages claims in civil cases such as: insurance claims, medical negligence, construction faults, etc.
Reconstruction photography of crime scenes in complex criminal cases, after study and analysis of information collected from security cameras, and recorded evidence obtained from legal proceedings. Includes video productions of scene reconstruction, which clarify controversial issues. These are submitted to the court along with the expert opinion.

Examination of audio and video files, and photographs 

Authenticity tests for audio, video and image files, according to technical properties and digital traces. Analysis of creation and modification of date or time and examination of the file data forensic, in order to learn about the source, the value of its evidence, the legal background and the crime scene event sequence.


Backup for legal purposes of cellular and Internet recordings

Today, many of the recordings made, are based on the use of cellular devices that are available to the general public and do everything we ask of them in terms of audio and visual recording.  Much of the information from pictures and recordings is uploaded into the public domain and made available to social media and the Internet.  This is often very valuable data for the decryption of crime scenes or the proving of legal claims by litigants in court cases.  We have the ability to catch and backup this material in the appropriate manner that makes it acceptable as evidence for the purposes of a police investigation or in a court of law.

Consulting, directing and preparation of questions for expert in cross examination


Within the setting of handling a case, we assist lawyers, by consulting and pointing to various possible lines of investigation, and also by defining and writing questions for use in the cross examination of police experts / prosecution experts or witnesses giving testimony for the other party.

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